Friday, November 20, 2009

friday finds!

I love alliteration. Not entirely sure why, but it makes me smile. (Now that I think about it, it may stem from the fact that before I was married, my name was Tiffany I grew up as a living alliteration!) I made the decision to make tacos on Tuesday nights at our house, because I like the way "Taco Tuesdays" sounds. I have also introduced "Thankful Thursdays" to this little bloggity blog. So, to go right along with my silly obsession over words that begin with the same consonant sound...I bring you "Friday Finds!"

Recently I've been including a bunch of links to things I've found around the internet in the have a lovely weekend posts. So, it's basically the same thing...just with a different, fun, alliterated name! :)

Here are some finds for you this week:

Free vintage labels to decorate tins, or whatever else you want! This would be a great centerpiece at a wedding or event...or it would look pretty sitting on top of your desk to hold your varied writing utensils!

{via iDIY}

This cake poster by Erin Jang is just too cute. I would love to have this print framed and hung up in my kitchen. How cute would that be?!

{image by Erin Jang}

Red Velvet Art is one of my new favorite online shops for handmade goodies! Elsie {the owner of RVA} just posted an update to her shop this week, and here are a couple of my favorite items from there this week:

{images via RVA}

Recycled Shoes -- old shoes get a whole new look with just a can of spray paint and some sequins!

{image via RVA blog}

An absolutely beautiful nursery tour. I'm loving the pale blue walls, and the yellow crib...and, well, everything about it. Check out armelle blog to see more photos of it! {and, to avoid any crazy, we're not pregnant. I just think this nursery is cute!}

{image via armelle blog}

Now, it's time to go enjoy this beautiful weekend! This weekend husband and I are going to Atlanta to go to a David Crowder Band concert. We're super excited!

Have a very happy weekend!


  1. It's so crazy that you posted that nursery look. We painted one of the guest rooms in our new house a similar color: because it will one day be the nursery and I'm crazy about that color (paired with reds, oranges, and yellows) for a baby room. Love the inspiration!

  2. Ah how I miss "Taco Tuesdays" (I remember how excited we always go at Bloomers about Tuesdays)!
    Have fun at the David Crowder Band....that would be one band I would love to see in person!

  3. WOW cute stuff. :) Love it.

    Nice blog too!

  4. I might copy that girl's nursery when its time. its my favorite one i've seen

  5. LOVE those labels! And I too adore alliteration! Ooh look there it is again! :)