Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chattanooga Getaway: part 2

Earlier I shared with you part 1 of our Chattanooga Getaway for our four year wedding anniversary (that my husband so sweetly surprised me with!)

Here is part two!

On the second day of our time in Chattanooga, we woke up and went back to the Bluff View Art District (seriously, one of our favorites places!) for breakfast at Rembrandt's Coffee House.

We absolutely love this place! They have the best mochas!

And their breakfast sandwiches are AMAZING! Looking at these pictures right now is like torture right now, because I now have a major craving for them. So good!

Every time we're at Rembrandt's, it makes us feel like we're at a little coffee shop in Europe somewhere. It's definitely worth a visit (or two, or three.)

After breakfast, we drove over to Cleveland to pay a visit to our Alma Mater, Lee University! It was so fun getting to play tourist and snap lots of photos of this place we love. We even went to the gift shop and bought t-shirts! hehe

We felt so sentimental walking around the campus. So many of our first memories together took place right there (including the first time we met, and Jonathan's proposal to me :) Not to mention many great memories with friends.

Here's the Student Union, where we spent hours upon hours studying and not studying.

This is the Dixon Center, which was my home away from home. This building houses the campus theatre, and is where most of my major classes were held. The majority of my time at Lee was spent in this building.

The Music Building was Jonathan's home away from home, as he spent most of his time here.

Davis Hall was the dorm I lived in my freshman year.

Here Jonathan is in the approximate spot where Hughes Hall (his first dorm at Lee) used to stand. They tore it down recently to make way for the new Science Building.

Speaking of which...here is the new Science Building! We had a chance to go inside for the first time, and it was very impressive!

We then jumped in our car and drove by Carroll Courts, which is where we lived our first 10 months of marriage. The apartments look kinda ghetto, but we made it cozy and nice...and we made lots of wonderful memories there!

We also drove by the house we lived in our 2nd year of marriage. This was also the home that we brought Maxo home to. (Excuse the foggy/blurry picture...we didn't want to be too creepy to the people currently living there, so I just snapped the photo while we were driving by.) :)

After our little trip down memory lane, we went to downtown Cleveland to Cafe Roma, which is a favorite.

Their chicken salad sandwiches are THE BEST I've ever tasted! Also, their sweet potato fries and dipping sauce are THE BEST I've ever tasted!

Their tomato basil soup is also superb. Mmmmm...so good! If you're ever in Cleveland, you'll want to add this place to your list of restaurants to try. Do it!

Once our bellies were full, we walked around downtown Cleveland some more and popped into another one of our favorite spots to get a drink (it was a little toasty outside!)

Gardner's Market is also a favorite of ours. Their sandwiches are great (as are their muffins...and coffee!), but my absolute favorite thing there is their blackberry lemonade. It's the best lemonade I have ever tasted. No lie.

We walked around some more...and oh, and look! There's the church we got married at!

Back in Chattanooga, the next thing on our agenda was to go to the movies! The Rave is our favorite theater...it's HUGE, and clean, and has very comfy seats (not to mention, they give free refills on their large drinks, which is always a plus in my book.)

We arrived to the theater a little (or a lot) early, so we walked around and had fun looking at all the movie posters.

bahaha! :)

At the end of the day, we crashed back at our hotel and got to watch the sunset over the Tennessee mountains. Another perfect day.

The next morning was time to head back home. But we couldn't leave without going to Rembrandt's again for breakfast!

It was an amazing and much needed couple days away together. Thank you, husband, for this wonderful surprise! I'm excited to celebrate decades of anniversaries with you.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chattanooga Getaway: part 1

Hello strangers!

I think it's about time I posted another blog post. So here you go!

A month ago, Jonathan surprised me by planning a getaway for our 4th wedding anniversary (July 28th). He planned everything and made all of the reservations, and all I had to do was pack my bag and get in the car. I was SO excited, to say the least. :)

The two-night getaway he planned was in Chattanooga, TN...a city that is near and dear to our hearts. Having met at Lee University in Cleveland, TN we spent a lot of our dating and newlywed years in Chattanooga. This was a chance for us to relax and revisit all of our favorite places together.

The drive to Chattanooga from Franklin is absolutely beautiful. Even the drive there brought back many memories of our early years together when we'd travel to Murfreesboro and back to visit with Jonathan's family (or to visit each other during school breaks before we were married).

Upon our arrival, the first stop was to our absolute favorite pizza place, Lupi's Pizza (located on Broad Street in downtown Chatt.)

Everything about Lupi's is amazing. The atmosphere, the service, the locally grown ingredients, and of course, the pizza! I hope this will come true soon!

Every time we go to visit, we ask them when they're coming to Nashville. They always tell us it's in their plans to come our way soon.

One of our favorites to order there is ground beef with feta cheese and fresh basil on the side. Delicious!

Our next stop was to check-in and get settled into our hotel. Husband got an amazing deal on a two night stay at The Chattanoogan. It was wonderful!

After getting ready for the evening, we walked around the Bluff View Art District. 

We spent our first wedding anniversary in Chattanooga as well, so we thought it'd be fun to try and recreate some photos we took from that day. 

2008 - One Year Wedding Anniversary

2011 - Four Year Wedding Anniversary (only I forgot that the '08 photo of husband was taken in front of the brick wall instead of the ivy...oops! But these spots are right next to each other :)

2008 - One Year Wedding Anniversary

2011 - Four Year Wedding Anniversary

Good times!

For dinner, we went to another favorite, Tony's Pasta Shop and Trattoria, located in the Bluff View Art District.

One of my favorite things there is the bread they serve before hand. They bake it with whole garlic cloves right in it. I normally pick out the cloves themselves, but it leaves such a unique garlic taste that most garlic bread seems to lack. And they serve it with olive oil that has fresh parmesan cheese in it! Score!

I normally get the Chicken Tetrazzini, but this time I decided to try something new and go with the Baked Pesto Chicken Ravioli. I was not disappointed! I'm not sure which one is my favorite now, because they are both so good.

Jonathan got the Chicken Parmesan, which he was a huge fan of.

To wrap up our night on the town, we walked around the art district and beyond some more...got some ice cream (at The Icecream Show)...reminisced...and just enjoyed our time together. It was perfect! 

Thank you, Jonathan, for such a wonderful anniversary celebration! I am so thankful and blessed to have you as my husband. I love you so much!

Stay tuned for the rest of our Chattanooga adventure...