Friday, November 9, 2012

Liam Isaac: 4 Months!


You are a week and a half into your fourth month of life, and I cannot believe how much you've grown. I'm pretty sure I'm going to say this every month, because it really does seem to be going by so very fast.

You are the sweetest little boy I've ever met. I knew from the beginning that you would be a sweet, happy boy...but you far exceed any dreams I ever had for you. You melt my heart on a daily basis. Sometimes you'll just lay there in my arms, reach up to touch my cheek, and give me the biggest gummy smile. I can see the love in your eyes, and it's the best feeling in the world.

In addition to blowing raspberries, squealing, and gibber jabbering, you have started to "sing". Squealing up and down like you're singing a song, and it's the cutest thing ever. You also love to be sung to. I'll start singing a song to you, and you'll start to chime in with your own verse and then smile at me as though you're pretty proud of your accomplishment. We sing lots of songs together, but our favorites are Bushel and a Peck and Dream a Little Dream. We like the oldies, you and I. :)

You learned how to roll over this past month.  You now know how to roll from back to front and front to back. You also love to lay on your tummy and pull at your blanket like you're trying to pull yourself forward.

You went for your 4 month doctor's appointment last week, and it went well. You have a great doctor. Last week you were weighing 15lbs 9oz (50th percentile) and measuring 26.5 inches long (94th percentile). You are growing in the blink of an eye!

You've really started teething this month. You chew on your hands and toys pretty fiercely. The past couple of days, that teething has brought you quite a bit of pain. It breaks my heart to see you hurt like that. But even when you're hurting, you are the sweetest ever. You'll scream in pain...but then pause to smile at me. It's crazy to me that you're already seems so early, but I know it's normal. I can see a couple of your teeth under the surface of your gums. They'll be here before we know it!

Thanks for being so wonderful, little mister. Your daddy and I love you more than words could ever describe!