Thursday, June 24, 2010

brie // headshots!

The other week Brie contacted me asking if I could take some headshots for her to use for her upcoming acting auditions. Of course I was more than excited to do them for her! Two things that I absolutely love: acting and photography. So it's always fun when I can combine those two loves. :)

Here are a few of my favorites from her session...

Isn't she gorgeous? I love how her blue eyes just pop! Beautiful.

I know that with her sweet and beautiful personality and smile to match, she'll go far in whatever she pursues.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

lindsay + david // married!

I am so excited to show you this wedding! Lindsay and David's wedding was such a fun celebration. The entire bridal party and both of their families were so nice and made us feel like guests. The joy in the room was so apparent...everyone was so happy to celebrate this marriage.

To start things off, here's a little video with highlights from their day:

Both the ceremony and reception took place at Rolling Hills Community Church which is located at The Warehouse in Franklin, TN. It was such a neat, modern building! I absolutely loved all the brightly colored walls and fun made for some fun detail shots. :)

The flowers by Bianca Oeser of Simply Chic Creations & Events were absolutely stunning! I loved the simplicity of having all white flowers. It was very classy and elegant.

Lindsay and David chose to do a First Look and see each other before the wedding. I absolutely LOVE when brides and grooms choose to do this, because it is such a special moment between just the two of them (and me and Jonathan hiding in the shadows.) It also allows us to have plenty of time to make sure we get all the special photographs they want.

On the day of their wedding it was raining and storming pretty consistently...but just as we were getting ready to do their formal shots, the clouds parted and the rain ceased! I almost broke out into the Hallelujah Chorus! I believe the change in weather was an extra little wedding gift from God to them. :)

Do you see those two gorgeous photos below? My super-awesome husband/second-shooter Jonathan captured those. I'll say it once, and I'll say it again...I absolutely LOVE having him with me to shoot weddings. It's always fun to see how we can be shooting the same subject at the same time and get completely different images. Makes me giddy!

David's dad, Pastor Rich, was the minister for the ceremony. Whenever the pastor is a family member, it always adds an extra touch of special emotion to the service. I love it!

After the ceremony, we snuck back outside to snap a few more shots of just the two of them. The lighting was so golden and perfect.

The hall where the ceremony and reception both took place was lit beautiful by Nashville Event Lighting. They hung dozens of paper lanterns and hundreds of twinkly lights all over the place. It created such a beautiful and romantic atmosphere!

Congratulations, Lindsay and David! You two are such a sweet couple...we are so excited for you and the new life you are starting together! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

visits with friends and family! can call me blog slacker. Go ahead, say it...because it's true. haha. I've been a blog slacker lately.

This month has seriously FLOWN by already! I can't believe we're already nearing the end of June. We've had lots of fun things going on this month...lots of photo sessions...lots of grilling out...lots of friends and family coming to visit us.

Here's a little of what we've been up to this month...

On Memorial Day weekend (which I guess technically was last month, but oh well) our very good friends Thorne and Laura (who just recently got married!) came and visited us. We had an amazing time hanging out with them, taking them to some of our favorite Nashville spots (which always seem to center around food...) such as The Pancake Pantry, Baja Burrito, and Sweet CeCe's. And, of course, on Memorial Day we had ourselves a little cookout.

Mmmmm....I'm pretty sure grilling out is one of my absolute favorite things about summer!

The next weekend, my wonderful friend Bree came and visited me for a couple days! Ah, it was so great having her here. We talked for hours over coffee, went shopping, watched a chick flick, and made cheese dip. It was the perfect girly weekend.

And then last weekend my family came to Nashville! It was so great having them here (everyone got to come except for Miranda...she had to work, and we missed her.) It was an amazing visit. One exciting thing that we did was go to the Nashville Zoo! I'll share more on that later, because this post is nearing novel length as it is.

June has been an amazing month and I'm so thankful we've had the chance to spend so much time with people we love.

How has your month been so far? Doesn't summertime just seem like the perfect time to visit with friends and family? I love it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

thankful for him.

husband, thank you...

for taking me on dates.
for refilling our drink so I don't miss any of the movie.
for letting me eat the last sour gummy worm.
for surprising me by doing the dishes.
for being so incredibly enjoyable to look at.
for calming me down when I'm stressed.
for bringing me a glass of water when I'm already in bed.
for your hugs.
for laughing at my corny attempts at a joke.
for being a great leader.
for choosing me to share your life with.

I'm so incredibly thankful for you.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

nick class of 2010 // nashville senior portraits

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to do the senior portraits for our pastor's son, Nick. We had such a fun time during this session!

One reason this session was so great was because I brought along my secret weapon (this reminds me of Fievel's An American Tale where the mice say "Wewease the secwet weapon." Anyone with me? Anyone?) Anyways, my secret weapon just so happens to be my husband ...because he has this incredible ability to make people laugh. And this weapon worked like a charm during Nick's session. Anytime I wanted a laughing smile I would just say to Nick, "Look at Jonathan!" and he would just start cracking up. It worked like magic, I tell you!

Here are some of my favorite images from Nick's session...

Nick plays soccer, so we took advantage of that and grabbed some action shots.

I bet you'll never guess why Nick is laughing in the bottom right image...yep, that's right...the secwet weapon!

BAM! Blue eyes!

Nick is also a talented musician!

I just had to include this last shot as yet another example of how much fun we had. Yep...we even played hide and go seek! It's all about the experience, people. :)

P.S. Class of 2011! It's time to book your session for this summer + fall! Even though graduation is next year, it's not too early to schedule your senior portrait session. Contact me at