Tuesday, June 1, 2010

nick class of 2010 // nashville senior portraits

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to do the senior portraits for our pastor's son, Nick. We had such a fun time during this session!

One reason this session was so great was because I brought along my secret weapon (this reminds me of Fievel's An American Tale where the mice say "Wewease the secwet weapon." Anyone with me? Anyone?) Anyways, my secret weapon just so happens to be my husband ...because he has this incredible ability to make people laugh. And this weapon worked like a charm during Nick's session. Anytime I wanted a laughing smile I would just say to Nick, "Look at Jonathan!" and he would just start cracking up. It worked like magic, I tell you!

Here are some of my favorite images from Nick's session...

Nick plays soccer, so we took advantage of that and grabbed some action shots.

I bet you'll never guess why Nick is laughing in the bottom right image...yep, that's right...the secwet weapon!

BAM! Blue eyes!

Nick is also a talented musician!

I just had to include this last shot as yet another example of how much fun we had. Yep...we even played hide and go seek! It's all about the experience, people. :)

P.S. Class of 2011! It's time to book your session for this summer + fall! Even though graduation is next year, it's not too early to schedule your senior portrait session. Contact me at tiffany@tiffanyzajas.com


  1. you are so talented! these are great shots :)

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