Thursday, June 3, 2010

thankful for him.

husband, thank you...

for taking me on dates.
for refilling our drink so I don't miss any of the movie.
for letting me eat the last sour gummy worm.
for surprising me by doing the dishes.
for being so incredibly enjoyable to look at.
for calming me down when I'm stressed.
for bringing me a glass of water when I'm already in bed.
for your hugs.
for laughing at my corny attempts at a joke.
for being a great leader.
for choosing me to share your life with.

I'm so incredibly thankful for you.



  1. :) we should deem this husband appreciation day. June 3rd it is! haha!

  2. So, I see that the family tradition lives on: "corny attempts at a joke." Do you think it is in the genes?