Wednesday, November 18, 2009

things i'm looking forward to this holiday season.

I don't know about you...but I am SO excited for this holiday season! I love every part of the year, but this is my absolute favorite! It makes me happy from the inside out.

Things I'm looking forward to this holiday season:

Hosting Thanksgiving at our house.
I've never made a turkey before...
wish me luck! :)

Watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

{image by mdpNY}

Lots of good food.
I like making AND eating it.

Baking Christmas goodies!
I have the hardest time narrowing down
the number of recipes I want to make.
What are your favorites?

Decorating our new home for Christmas!

My Birthday!
December 21st. Mark your calendars folks!
(hehe, just, but seriously.)

Dressing up in silly holiday outfits and costumes.
This is Jonathan's FAVORITE part about the holidays.
Can't you tell? :)

Listening to lots and LOTS of Christmas music.
Okay, I gave in and started listening to some now.
Pandora is great for listening to Christmas music.
They have lots of stations that are dedicated just for the holidays!

Watching our favorite Christmas movies!
What are your favorites?
I'm always open to adding to our favorite list.

Santa Spud
He always tends to sneak into our holiday photos.

Decorating a gingerbread house!

Putting jingle bells on Max.

Drinking Coca-Cola in glass bottles on Christmas Day.
A Zajas family tradition that Jonathan and I started
our first year of marriage.

and LOTS of other super awesome stuff!

What are you looking forward to this holiday season? Any special traditions that you and your family do every year?

with love,


  1. If you want a hint on cooking the best turkey EVER... use a turkey bag (I think Reynolds makes them) and follow the recipe inside. Yummy!!! And super easy too. :-)

  2. And having a Christmas Party with friends...also a good tradition that needs to continue.

  3. Looking forward to sharing some of those favorite things with you! Mom

  4. Tiff, your love for life never ceases to inspire me!



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