Wednesday, November 4, 2009

our trip to the pumpkin patch.

A couple weekends ago, husband and I made a trip to Walden Farm to go and pick out some pretty pumpkins for our front steps. We had a great time, and there was a lot more there than we were expecting. The place was crawling with people...and there was a snack bar with yummy fall treats. We shared a hot apple cider and walked around looking at the farm animals before picking out which pumpkins would go home with us. It was a fun day, and we hope to make a family tradition out of it.

My handsome husband who takes me on fun dates!

As a little girl I wanted to grow up to be a farmer. We even lived on a farm for part of my childhood, so getting to see and pet all of the farm animals was sentimental to me. :)

"Yay!" for fun day dates!

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  1. aw, fun! the boy and I went to a pumpkin patch a few weeks ago too. (though, not on a farm, just across the street from our mall... I know, right? not as cool). I took some pics but since it was like 9 at night they didn't turn out so good. I'm not very good with the camera when it's dark! but I loved looking at your photos. they are very lovely, as always.