Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a little survey fun.

I remember those days back in middle school...before social networking sites...when my friends and I would fill out surveys about ourselves via email and forward them to each other. I loved reading all the random facts about my dear friends.

I don't fill out surveys very often now, but I still love reading them whenever I see a friend post one on Facebook or on their blog.

As a little trip down memory lane to the good 'ole middle school days...here's a little Q&A survey I found from Bleubird Vintage:

1. where is your cell phone?
on the desk next to me.

2. your hair?
long. brown. and wants a new cut.

3. your mother:
is my kindred spirit. we are so alike it's scary.
she inspires me to be a better person.
she's loving, joyful, and witty.

4. your father:
is one of the kindest, most selfless people i know.
loves God with all his heart, and it shows.
is hilarious, and makes me laugh all the time.

5. your favorite food?
pizza (with feta!)

burritos (with guacamole!)

icecream! (specifically Breyer's Rocky Road...mmmmm.)

6. your dream last night?
had something to do with this:
{image via oh hello friend}

7. your favorite drink?
my main drink of choice is water with lemon.
but i also love: coffee, hot chocolate, dr. pepper, cranberry ginger ale.

8. your dream/goal?
the way life is right now is a dream come true.
my goals for the upcoming year:
- work hard to make my photography business grow even more
- learn to love more
- encourage others to follow and never give up on their dreams

9. the room you are in?
my office here at home.

10. what is your hobby?
- photography
- reading
- acting
- drawing
- blogging
- crafting
- thrifting
- movie watching

11. what is your fear?
possums. i have nightmares of them.
{image from here}

probably because they remind me of ROUS'.
{image from this}

12. where were you last night?
snuggling on the couch watching this for the first time:
we laughed SO hard!

13. something you are not?
a pessimist.

14. muffins:
are delicious.

15. wish list items:
hmmmm...i don't really like to make wish lists because i never want to place too much importance on possessions and things.

but i really love:
- handmade cards and handwritten letters from friends and family (hint hint!) ;)
- hugs
- handmade goods from etsy
- vintage items
- photography equipment
- sentimental gifts

16. where did you grow up?
born and raised in Portland, Maine.

17. last thing you did:
make some chili in the crockpot for dinner.

18. what you are wearing:
gray pants. mustard yellow thermal shirt. my favorite Christmas socks.

19. your tv:
was a wedding gift from our amazing college friends.

20. your pet:
Thelonious Maximus Zajas (Max, for short)
he is like our child.

21. your friends:
live too far away, and are greatly missed.

22. your life:
is awesome.
i thank God every day for it.

23. your mood:

24. missing someone?
friends, family...lots of people.

25. vehicle:
2001 Buick Century.
his name is Richard.
named after Richard Petty, who used to own my car. (no joke.)
was the car i learned how to drive with.
i don't have car payments, and that is awesome.

26. something you're not wearing:
makeup. and loving it.

27. your favorite store:
{image via target.com}

28. your favorite color:
changes every week.
right now it's gray and mustard yellow.

29. the last time you laughed:
refer to #12.

30. the last time you cried:
this morning when i thought my camera was broken.
seriously almost had a panic attack. not cool. at all.

31. your best friend:
i have many:

the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for.

32. one place you go over and over:
there's no place like home.

33. guilty pleasure:
right now it's hot chocolate with vanilla creamer! gonna go make some right now...

34. favorite place to eat:

35. where do you want to be in 6 years?
loving and serving God with all my heart.
loving and supporting my husband more and more each day.
have one or two kiddos by then.
working at home like i do now, so i can be with said kiddos.
doing what i love. creating things. photographing things. living and loving life.
serving and encouraging others to live their dream.

Now it's your turn! I'd love to hear more about you. If you fill out this survey for yourself, please leave the link to it in the comments!

Happy Tuesday!

{unless otherwise stated, all images are by and property of tiffany zajas photography}

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