Monday, November 9, 2009

monday inspiration.

What a wonderful weekend we had! Driving through the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, spending time with family at the grandparent's, Mawmaw's homemade chocolate cake, sitting in the living room listening to my dad, husband, and Pawpaw make music with a banjo and guitars, taking family portraits {which is a challenge when you're the photographer but also in the pictures...but it was fun!} I hope you all had an equally fun and cozy weekend.

On Mondays I love to set goals for my week and be inspired to create and accomplish things.

This morning I'm finding Keri Smith's artwork inspiring, and I hope you do too! Here are some favorites:

{images by Keri Smith}

Happy Monday!


  1. haha i have that problem too...being the photographer and being in the photo...that timer on the camera sure is a lifesaver! glad you had a great weekend :)

  2. It's a great city - I'm glad I've convinced my husband to stay in it instead of heading back to Cle-vegas. I mean, not that it's not lovely and all :)

  3. That homemade chocolate cake sounds good right about now. A visit home is always lovely, isn't it?