Sunday, February 1, 2009

you make my teeth chatter.

Tonight husby and I went to one of my all-time favorite restaurants.
Chick-fil-a. Yummy!
{side note: Chick-fil-a was given the highest rating for fast food in the eat this, not that website!}

Mmmmmm...the Original Chicken Sandwich is the absolute best
chicken sandwich on this planet. No joke, people.
No joke.

After our lovely dinner, we went to a variety of stores to do what we like to call "window shopping," although this form of shopping without actually shopping is not really done while looking through windows. We do go into the stores. {Just wanted to clarify that for those of you who were wondering.}

During our window shopping endeavor we encountered some great finds...

If we had any sense in us at all, we would have bought these lovely finds. But obviously, we have no sense because we came home empty handed.

After our adventure of window shopping, husby took me to see a chick flick.'s the awesome part...he suggested taking me to a romantic comedy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It is twisting of the husband's arm was involved in the watching of this movie. I think he must love me or something. :) I've got a keeper. We went and saw New in Town, which was really cute and funny {I laughed pretty hard, having lived in Minnesota for three years...I could relate to a lot of the movie.}

I hope you all have had a splendid evening as well.


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