Friday, February 20, 2009

birthday freebies.

For birthdays, husby and I try to be as frugal as possible {although it is hard at times...especially when one of your main love languages is gift giving.} We try to not go overboard. One thing that has always helped me in preparing for husby's birthday is coupons and birthday deals! Last year on husband's birthday we went to the Zoo, ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, went to the movies {and got soda and snacks}, and had a nice italian dinner and dessert at Provino's...all for under $40. This was made possible by the wonderful coupons and birthday deals I had been saving up and researching the weeks prior to his big day.

In preparation for husband's birthday this year, I have also been doing quite a bit of research on any birthday deals I can find {some of them are valid a week before and a week after your birthday as well!}

My suggestion is that any time you sign up for a birthday deal, don't use your main email account. I have set up a yahoo account just for these purposes. Because normally when you sign up for any deal a restaurant has, they will automatically put you on their email list...and that can be kind of annoying.

Here are some of the birthday freebies I have found:
  • Friendly's. Free ice-cream cone {good for one month.} --> this is one of my favorite restaurants, but we don't have one in Tennessee.
  • Moe's. Free burrito on your birthday.
  • Baskin-Robbins. Free 2.5 oz scoop of ice-cream on your birthday {good for one week before and one week after your birthday.}
  • Cold Stone Creamery. Free ice-cream {good for one week before and one week after your birthday.}
  • Provino's will give you a free meal AND dessert on your birthday {when you show I.D., no sign up or coupon needed.}
  • Outback will giveyou a free dessert on your birthday {no sign up necessary.}
  • Red Robin will give you a free burger on your birthday {good for one week before and one week after birthday.}
  • And did you know that DisneyWorld and Disneyland give you free admission on your birthday?!
Well, that's all I have time to share for now. Hope some of these deals come in handy for you. Now I'm off to finish getting ready for the rest of today's festivities!

Happy Saturday!

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