Friday, February 27, 2009

have a lovely weekend.

{image by me}

I hope you'll have a lovely weekend, friends! Relax, sleep in a bit, make a big Saturday morning breakfast, and enjoy time with those you love. In the meantime, here are some things I found interesting this week...

Why lenses are the real key to stunning photos. {and why I really need to get a new one.}

Some adorable paper goods from London. {I love love love.}

Quality Time: How To Find More And Some Ideas On How To Use It. {definitely one of my major love languages. I heart quality time with those I love.}

McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce recipe. {I have a new found love for the Big Mac...soooo...I was thrilled to find this. It is pretty yummy too!}

This photography/social experiment is so intriguing! I am tempted to do something like this myself. {how fun, albeit somewhat scary, would it be to see the results?}

A craft tutorial for a door organizer. Two things that I love: crafting and organizing. Might have to try this one someday.

I hope you'll enjoy these links and have a lovely weekend, friends.


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