Friday, February 27, 2009

days like these make me happy, because i get to wear my rainboots.

Days like these make me smile, because I get to wear
my polka dotted rain boots.

Getting to wear my rain boots somehow makes any dreary day
just a little bit brighter.

Max, on the other hand, doesn't like the rain at all.
Maybe if he had some puppy rain boots he would feel a little differently about that.

{all images by me}


  1. did you get those at target? i have the same ones!

  2. Cute...I think I did see them at Target. Is that your dog? We have a Dachshund too, crazy little thing!

  3. @Danie: Yes, I did get them at Target! And I think they are so much fun.

    @J: Yes, that's our dog Max! We looooove Dachshunds. Our definitely brings lots of joy to our lives. :)