Thursday, February 26, 2009

i heart photo booths.

I really love old fashioned photo booths. You know, the kind that print out photo strips as opposed to little sketches of a picture of you {and all the other crazy stuff that modern photo booths have now.} I think photo booth strips are so full of life, personality, and love.

We found this little photo booth in Gatlinburg, TN during our recent mini vacation there. Unfortunately, we didn't have any loose change to actually use it, but we did enjoy taking pictures of it.

Back at Christmastime I had the itch to have some photo booth strips on our fridge, so we decided to make some of our own. Luckily I found this template and was able to use it to make some lovely photo strips in Photoshop {you should make some too! they're so much fun!}

These are now hanging on our fridge. They make my heart dance.

{and if you look closely, you can see that Max wanted in on the photo strip action too.}


  1. I have sat in that same photobooth. That same exact one.


  2. Really?! Whoa...what a small world! :) That IS crazy!

  3. your happiness makes me SO happy. :) I absolutely love looking at your blogs!

  4. I LOVE photobooths too! Why weren't we ever real life friends? :) (Haha..I hope I don't sound like a creeper....since I always tell you I wish I knew you better in school. You can tell me if I do.)

    And I love the photostrips..I might need to do those with friends this weekend. :)

  5. ahahaha I too have sat in that exact same photobooth in Gaitliburg just this November - it was beside a convenience store on the main strip?. I ran across this while searching for photostrip link! thanks!

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