Tuesday, February 24, 2009

looking forward to springtime.

I love all of the different seasons of the year. And I think God knew what he was doing when he created the different seasons...he created them with people like me in mind...I love a good change in scenery.

It's cold out this morning, and I don't mind the cold. But I am looking forward to springtime because:
  • I want to plant some wildflowers in my garden.
  • Cookouts are my favorite.
  • Laying on a blanket in the park reading a book is priceless.
  • Going for walks after dinner with husband and Max and it still being light outside will be oh-so-nice.
  • Sunshine and warmth.
  • Skirts and flipflops.
  • Spring showers {which means getting to wear my polka dotted wellies!}
  • Hammocks {we bought one in Guatemala last spring, and I can't wait to actually put it up and get some good use out of it...YAY!}
Those are just a few of the reasons I'm looking forward to spring.

What do you love about springtime?


  1. Besides the growing warmth, one of my favorite things is that situation where the days slowly start getting longer and longer. Each day seems just a little brighter than the day before, so spring is a little like small stocking stuffers each day for a couple months

  2. ooh i wish i had a garden. you lucky girl!
    i also can't wait for spring. i am tired of the cold....

  3. One of the things I miss most while living on an island is the change of seasons. It makes time both drag AND fly at the same time...I've been here nearly two years and miss the glorious change from winter to spring...and I miss the fall. :)

    Enjoy Spring! I hope it comes quickly! :)

  4. I love to ride my bike with my husband and walk around taking pictures!

    Reading a book on a blanket outside is amazing. I may have to do this too this spring!

  5. I love hearing about all of your favorite things of spring. :) Now I'm even more excited about it's arrival!

    @Jonathan Spence: The longer days is definitely one of my favorite parts about spring too. I love the sunlight!

    @naomi: Well, I don't really have a garden YET, but I have a spot that I plan to make my garden. :) I'm hoping to make that happen this spring!

    @Michelle: I bet it is quite a transition to go from different seasons to one season year round. But at least you have summer year round, unlike the penguins at the pole who only get winter. :)

    @Stacey: Oooh! Good call! Walking around taking photos is most definitely on of my favorite things about sunshiney nice weather too!