Monday, April 13, 2009

thank you, husband.

thank you, husband...

  • for comforting me when i was scared during the big storm on friday.
  • for taking me to see "Little Shop of Horrors,"one of my favorite musicals, this weekend {and putting up with me singing songs from the show on the way to and from the play.}
  • for helping me with my big work event and calming my nerves during the whole thing.
  • for buying me an easter dress.
  • for making me breakfast this morning.
  • for being my best friend.
  • for everything you do.
i love you.

{pictures taken on Easter day by my sister Alycia Turpin}


  1. that last photo is CLASSY!!! Gorgeous!

  2. Wow Zajas is a better man than me. I made fun of my girlfriend when she was scared of the storm on Friday.

  3. my hubby did the opposite. just before the storms hit he told me that they were attacked (he is currently deployed to iraq) but he couldn't have known that there would be storms. i still love him...its just part of being a military wife.
    i absolutely love the second photo!

  4. you guys are so cute.
    Your love for each other is such a testimony.