Thursday, April 23, 2009

studio inspiration series - nicole balch

Good morning, friends!

Here is another round of our studio inspiration series {if you missed the first one, go here.} This next studio space is by entrepreneur, stationery maker, blogger, and very-soon-to-be-mom Nicole Balch. Nicole is the author of Making it Lovely. A wonderful blog on the different projects that she and her husband have taken on to make their house a home. I am a big fan of her work!

Here is her studio that she works on all of her stationery and cards, Pink Loves Brown. I am drooling over how absolutely organized everything is in here. I have this fascination with organization. Little boxes, containers, etc. anything that can help make life more organized is beautiful to me.

So, here...take a look for yourself...

Look at all of those yummy boxes and trays to hold her cards and stationery!

I am in desperate need of an organized shipping station like this.
Right now all of the envelopes and shipping materials for my shop
are just lying in a pile {neat pile, but still it's a pile} on my desk.

Those curtains are adorable!

This little cubby would be great for outgoing orders!

{all images by Nicole Balch via Making it Lovely}

To see more of Nicole's beautiful studio, go check out the studio tour on her blog. She has a lot more pictures and descriptions of all the items that make up this lovely space of hers.

Once again, I'm inspired to organize my office even more today. :)

If any of you have a studio or office that you think should be featured in our studio inspiration series, please email me at tiffany {at} zajas {dot} com I would love to see pictures of all of your spaces!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I love it.

    I've become addicted to Rate My Space on HGTV-- and have found so many rooms of inspiration such as this. I will never tire of looking at beautiful spaces.