Thursday, April 16, 2009

the bunny, the bunny, oh i love the bunny.

This past Saturday at the Eggs Benefit we had a live bunny there for the kids { hem, me} to pet. He was the cutest little thing ever! Oh, I definitely wanted to take him home with me...but then husband quickly reminded me that we have a little dachshund who keeps our hands full as it is.

Seeing the bunny, however, did bring back many memories from childhood. When I was about 10 years old we bred and raised mini lop bunnies. It was a great experience as a kid, and it helped me learn a lot by running my own bunny business.

In addition to it being a good business learning experience for me as a kid, I just fell in love with this breed of rabbit. When one of our mommy bunnies had a litter, one of the babies was sick and was kicked out of the nest. We ended up reviving him, fed him by bottle, trained him to walk on a bunny harness, and he became the sweetest bunny ever. We named him Blessing, because it was a blessing he survived.

Aren't bunnies the cutest? I'm determined that we'll own one again someday {later down the road, maybe after we have kids}...I just have to convince a certain someone of the same.


  1. ummm yes i want one. now? please? kthx

  2. Sara still has one, she kept him in the basement this winter. She has always had some. She also has 3 dogs, two teens and 2 tweens. And she just got her realtors licence. I just love yours bunnies feet, them IS thumper feet. Can;t believe I used to have 18 at one time. Lots of bunny beans.......

  3. ohhhhh my gosh! that bunny is AWESOME!