Monday, April 27, 2009

our wonderful weekend {in pictures}

What a wonderful weekend we had! Friday night was date night, and is always a treat. We started out by going to Taco Yaki {which we affectionately refer to as "Yucky Taco"...although it is not yucky and they do not serve tacos} for a yummy Japanese dinner. After we were full from dinner, we went to Starbucks and talked over coffee. And then drove around our wonderful town looking for new photo op spots for me to take portraits at. And we ended the night by cuddling watching the latest episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. Wonderful night.

And, here is our weekend {in pictures}...

Jonathan never orders good coffee. He always likes mine better. I tell him he should just let me order for him. :)

Mmmm...iced vanilla coffee. Love it.

Saturday afternoon I got to hangout with my dear friend Lauren. She was house sitting and we hung out by the pool talking about life and all that goes with it.

Saturday evening I got to photograph Thorne and Laura, one of my favorite couples of all-time! Here is a sneak peak of their shoot...believe me, there are much more to come. We had a lot of fun!

Sunday morning my wonderful husband led worship at our church {I'm so proud of him.} Jonathan's mom and step-dad came and visited us and we went to Tony's in downtown Chattanooga for some delicious italian! It was great getting to see them.

This weekend I also weeded out a spot in my backyard and planted a wildflower garden! Ahhh...I have always wanted to have one of these and I am so-very-excited about it! I'm just hoping that the seeds grow with no complications {I keep running out there every few hours to make sure the soil is still moist.}

How were your weekends, my friends? I hope you all enjoyed this absolutely gorgeous weather we're having!

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  1. Turtle, that picture is awesome and I can not wait to see more. That one looks really good.