Friday, April 24, 2009

have a lovely weekend.

{photo by my husby while on vacation last summer}

Hello friends!

I hope you'll all have a very lovely weekend. The weather forecast tells me that it's supposed to be sunshiney and beautiful for several days, and I am very much looking forward to that. This weekend I will most likely be: going on walks with husband and maxo, weeding out a spot in our garden for me to plant some wildflower seeds {now that the weather is finally nice and going to stay that way...yay!}, and helping Jonathan by making him coffee, giving him a good excuse for a study break, and proofing his many papers he has to write.

What are you up to this beautiful weekend?

In the meantime, here are some links to some of my favorite finds around the web this week:
Now for a roundup on what happened here at Jonathan & Tiffany this week:
I hope you all will have an amazing weekend! Go out and enjoy this weather, spend time with loved ones, and do something new.


  1. i hope to spend time with my lovely husband this weekend. it the army would ever figure out how to plan. he should come home from iraq this will be a lovely fourteen days as soon as he gets here :)
    i hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself!

  2. i am so glad that you'll get to spend that time with your husband! :) you must be bursting with excitement.

  3. Have a great weekend and thanks for the links, I really enjoyed them (especially the Rise and Shine, I laughd a lot because I already tried everything what you pointed out but I'm still a hopeless "oversleeper").

  4. I love the cards you make! so simple and cute.