Monday, May 4, 2009

under the weather.

i've been under the weather for the past two days, running a temperature above 100. so, i can't really think of anything brilliant to write about today. lots of people i know and love are sick right please, everyone, feel better.

and thank you, husband, for taking care of me...bringing me food & drink, telling me to rest and helping clean the house while i've been sick. every new day i get to spend with you, i am continually blessed.


  1. poor dear!!! get better NOW! not soon or whenever but now

    love you

  2. lol! we are definitely kindred spirits or something.

    but boooo that we are both sick. i really hope you feel better too. lots of hugs :)

  3. Be "okay" on the count of three. One... two... three. Okay, now how do you feel?

    On a slightly more serious note, I am praying for you daughter.