Sunday, May 10, 2009

max and his first year with us.

Our dear puppy Thelonious Maximus Zajas has been with us exactly one year today. And what a year it has been! I seriously never knew that I could love a dog this much, but he really has become a part of our family. :)

Here are some photographs of Max and his first year with us...

Max and the day we picked him out.
{it was a very easy decision...we fell in love with him right away!}

Max and his ride home with us.
{blurry, but memorable.}

Max and his discovery that he is destined to be a puppy model.

Max and his favorite toy - the Chick-fil-a cow.
{it's still his favorite toy, to this day. he won't chew it's special to him.}

Max and his water dish that was larger than him.

Max and me.

Max and his bed.

Max and his first walk.
{it took us forever to get anywhere on our walks,
because everyone and their mother would stop to oooh and awww
over him. he loved the attention...still does.}

Max and his first picnic.

Max and his nap.

Max and his first summer.

Max and his first swim.

Max and the rain.
{he really doesn't like the rain.}

Max and his first card game.

Max and his first Halloween.
{he's thinking "Aw, c'mon Mom...really?" hehe}

Max and his first Christmas.

Max and his looking cute for the camera.

Max and his favorite place on earth.
{his absolute favorite is to sit in between me and Jonathan on the couch.}

Max and Jonathan.

It has been a great first year! :)


  1. LOL! How amazingly cute. I am smiling ear to ear.

  2. These pictures made me laugh... and cry (almost).

    Love ya!


  3. he is adorable!
    i can't wait for hubby to come home from this deployment cause we plan to get a pet.

  4. he;s so cute.
    its funny how they become like your little kids.

  5. oh my!!!! he is TO DIE FOR! i can totally see why you guys love him so much :)

    what kind of dog is he?

  6. I LOVE this post. SO sad I didn't meet Max when I had the opportunity. Next time??? :)

  7. @Jordan: He's a miniature dachshund. :)

    @Sarah: I KNOW! I should've just gotten him out of his bed so he could meet you when you were here. But definitely next time. :) He loves making new friends.