Tuesday, May 19, 2009

max and driving with the window down.

Last summer Max was still a little puppy, so he wasn't a big fan of driving with the windows down...it was still kind of scary to him. But now, it has become a new love of his. Whenever we're driving somewhere and he's with us {and it's nice outside}, we roll down the windows...he climbs up in my lap and puts his paws against the passenger door...sticks his nose out and sniffs the fresh air.

He loves it. And we love it too, because it brings us a lot of amusement during our little drives. :)


  1. what cute photos and max is adorable! my puppy hazel loves looking out the window and she too sits on my lap to put her paws up against the door-- except I'm usually driving! ha, not safe, but cute.

    btw, I just found your blog through the city sage and from just scrolling through the last couple posts, I love it!