Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What will our baby look like?

So often lately I find myself daydreaming about what our baby is going to look like. We're counting down the days until we get to meet our little one in person. It's going to be so surreal and amazing!

I keep wondering what features of our kiddo will be like Jonathan and what will be like me and what will be uniquely his/her own. I can't wait to see what God comes up with! :)

We go for our next appointment a week from today to have our big ultrasound! We are so looking forward to finding out if we're having a boy or girl. Can't wait to start calling baby by his or her name. I feel like this will make everything seem just a little bit more real to us. Exciting!

P.S. Isn't that picture of Jonathan the cutest thing ever? Seriously, I think that's my favorite picture I have ever seen. Apparently he posed like that without anyone telling him to...I love it! haha!


  1. I loved being able to call Emberlynn by name once we learned she was a she.

  2. Adorable pictures! You are going to have one cute little child! Will you be sharing what the sex of your child is? I'm so excited for you!!