Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Liam Isaac: 20 Weeks!

20 weeks down, only 20 more to go!

It's hard to believe that we're already halfway through this pregnancy! The first half flew by incredibly fast! I've now entered what many call the "nesting" phase. I have a hard time thinking about anything else other than getting ready for this baby to come. I want to organize everything...even if it's not directly baby related. Our pantry, the laundry room, cleaning supplies, my schedule, my meal planning methods, etc. The list goes on...

I'm trying to remind myself that we still have plenty of time to get everything done, so there's no need to get overwhelmed. :) I must say, getting ready for baby is quite fun though!

The past two weeks have been quite eventful and exciting for us! We found out that our little one is a BOY (Liam Isaac), one of our closest friends (Lauren) came and visited us for a few days, and our dear friends the Crevistons came to visit! It's been fun getting to see so many people that we love and have missed over the past couple of years. They all came bearing gifts for the little man as well...I'll have to take pictures of some of the cute stuff he's been given already.

Liam has been growing and getting stronger and stronger each day. He is very active at times (mostly at night, much like his Daddy). The other day I was laying on the couch resting and Max was right up against my tummy...all of a sudden, Liam startles Max by kicking him hard in the side. Max jumped and just stared at my belly for a few seconds. Haha! It was so funny. That pup has no clue what's coming. :)

Jonathan was a little jealous that Max felt Liam kick before he has had the chance to. Every time Liam's been very active, I place Jonathan's hand where he is...but then the little man gets super still...like a ninja. We'll catch him one of these days!

Here's an update of the baby bump:

I've had moments the past week or so where I think to myself "Surely, my belly cannot stretch any further than it has already." Oh, but I know that I am only halfway there...there's still quite a bit of growing left to be done. It's amazing how God made our bodies to adjust to have a baby!

Hope you all are doing wonderfully! :)

Love and blessings,



  1. Just started reading your blog posts! Our little guy is the same way with Paul, he kicks, I put Paul's hand on my tummy, and then he's totally still !! I hope he gets to feel him soon! :) He's getting jealous, I think ! - Bianca

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