Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Zajas is a...


Ahhhhhh! We are so excited to announce that Baby Zajas is a precious little boy. Our ultrasound yesterday was probably one of my favorite moments of life ever. Getting to stare at our beautiful baby for about 40 minutes while holding my husband's hand was heavenly.

The poll that we took the other day showed that it was pretty half and half with guesses as to if baby was going to be a boy or girl.

Jonathan and I were 99% sure that our baby was a boy. We were convinced of it from the very beginning, and would have been very surprised (although equally thrilled) if baby ended up being a girl. We didn't even have a girl name picked out yet! Now it is so amazing to have it confirmed so we can start calling him by his name and start planning his nursery and all that fun stuff! :)

Speaking of names, we're naming him...

Liam Isaac Zajas

Liam is an Irish name that means "strong warrior"
Isaac is a Hebrew name that means "laughter" and "child of the promise"

I absolutely love this picture. Can't wait to have those little hands wrapped around my finger, get to kiss those little cheeks, and smell that little head (is it just me, or don't baby's heads smell amazing?)!

We were going to do something super creative to reveal the gender of the baby online...but we just don't have the time right now, and I couldn't hold in this information any longer! I wanted to let you guys know as soon as possible! :)

Thanks to all of our friends and family for the shared excitement about our baby boy. It means so much to us.

Love you all!

Tiffany + Jonathan + LIAM! :)


  1. So excited for you two....three!! We didn't find out the gender of our little one and thought for sure she was going to be a boy. However, we had a girl name picked out and not a boy name, so it worked out perfectly in the end. Congrats!

  2. Oh so exciting! Congrats! That is a wonderful name :)

  3. Congrats! Sooo exciting!...I love all of your updates, you are going to be a wonderful mother.