Wednesday, September 1, 2010

vacation is for reading.

When we were packing for our vacation, Jonathan and I kept saying, "Man, it would be nice to have a Kindle." As much as I absolutely love real books, having an eReader would be so convenient. Husband and I both picked out about 8 books each that we initially wanted to bring on vacation...but alas, we had to narrow it down some because packing 16 books is just not practical. Actually, it's just plain ridiculous.

The thought of being able to fit our entire library onto one little device is quite tempting. We would never have to leave a book behind ever again!

As an added plus, Amazon's commercials are some of the most creative I've seen yet. These commercials actually make me feel like I would be more creative if I owned one. That means their advertising department did their job exceedingly well, if you ask me!

Check them out...

Do you own a Kindle or other kind of eReader? If so, how do you like it? If not, then is it something you'd ever consider getting?

Lots of smiles,

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