Thursday, September 16, 2010

favorite things: blogs

I love blogs. And the blogs that I really love are the ones when I read them I feel inspired and the urge to be more creative. I don't always have the time to read them every day, but when I do have a chance there I have a few go-to blogs that are my absolute favorites.

And now I'm going to share a few of them with you! :) Aren't you excited?!

A Beautiful Mess is written by the super-multi-talented Elsie Flannigan. Her blog is one of the most creative things I have ever discovered. She's a designer, entrepreneur, artist, craft guru, etc. Her posts are filled to the brim with so much crafty eye candy it makes me drool. 

images property of A Beautiful Mess

Rockstar Diaries chronicles of the life of Naomi (a.k.a. Taza), her husband, and their bulldog Kingsley. When I first stumbled upon this blog I fell in love with the fun optimism that was in each post. Naomi shares photographs and stories of all their fun daily adventures, and you can't help but feel like you know them personally after reading a few pages (and I like to imagine that Kinglsey and Max would be the best of friends if they met in real life).

I'm sure most of you have heard of The Pioneer Woman. But in the chance that you haven't, I simply must share this one with you. The Pioneer Woman is the mother of all blogs (in my personal opinion). Ree Drummond is a blogging legend...she started her blog by just sharing stories from her life on the ranch with her  husband and kiddos. Now, her blog has turned into quite the phenomenon. As a result, she has now published her own cookbook (her recipes are AMAZING!), has written her love story which she is turning into a book, and already has movie deal which is rumored to be starring Reese Witherspoon!

I could spend hours scouring the many pages of her blog. She shares everything from daily confessions, recipes, photography tips, homeschooling resources, and more! 
images property of The Pioneer Woman

Promise Tangeman is a designer, crafter, artist, and photographer. Her blog is another one that is just full of beautiful inspiration. I love all of her designs and her DIY and 5 Things I Love posts are some of my favorites. She's so talented in everything she does and her sweet spirit is really evident in all of her posts.

images property of Promise Tangeman

So, there you have it--some of my all-time favorite blogs! I hope you go and check each of them out and leave feeling inspired.

What are your favorite blogs? Feel free to leave links to them in the comments below. I love discovering new fun blogs to visit!

Lots of smiles,


  1. One of my favorite blogs (other than yours)...

  2. Seriously... all of those blogs are my favs. I check daily. Love me some Elsie. I love how crafty she is. Gosh she's awesome. Pioneer Woman makes me want to cook more... I don't but she makes me want to. Oh and Random fact.. but I found Promise's blog because I knew her husband (Brian) when I was in middle school/high school and we went to church with each other. I've been watching her do some amazing things with her career over the past year and a half and I hope to be a half as cool as she is one day.

  3. @Melody: I love A Cup of Jo too! It's another favorite. :)

    @Steph: Ah, that's so cool! We have a lot in common. :) And that's so neat that you know Brian. His music is really good.