Friday, September 17, 2010

have a happy weekend!

Hello friends!

I hope you're having an absolutely amazing Friday and that your weekend continues to be just as amazing (if not more so). I don't have any big plans for this weekend, except for trying to rest and get over this sickness that I've acquired over the past couple days.

Being sick isn't very fun. Actually, it's quite boring. But whenever I'm feeling under-the-weather I try to find joy in the simple things.

A couple things I've been enjoying the past couple days while sick are...

Orange Creamsicles. Husband brought some of these home for me the other night, and they have been great for soothing my super sore throat. Mmmm...I love Orange Creamsicles. They remind me of kindergarten.

Gilmore Girls. Ah, I love and miss this show. I've been watching a few Gilmore Girls re-runs over the past couple days. I can't get over the wittiness of the dialogue between those two. Jonathan says it's exhausting...but I love it!

What are some simple things that bring you joy while you're sick? 

Have an amazing weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Haha, definitely not 2 Praxis exams in the early morning. (like today)

    On the upside, I like to snuggle up in some blankets with a good movie and some vanilla chai tea...or with Ready Made magazine.