Thursday, December 17, 2009

on mouth guards, parties, and apple crisp.

This morning I'm waking up slowly...and it feels oh-so-good. I'm convinced I have the best husband ever. When he left for work this morning, he told me to go back and sleep for another hour or so. I willingly obeyed his orders, and now I feel very refreshed. This month I've had a headache every day (which I've concluded--with the advice of some friends--is due to old glasses/contact prescription and grinding my teeth at night...looks like an eye exam and mouth guard are in my near future)...SO, needless to say, some extra sleep was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you, husband!

(can someone say bedhead?)
also, I recently discovered that taking pictures with my webcam is fun. who knew?

Tonight, the celebrations begin! Jonathan's family is coming over and we're gonna eat a yummy baked ham, exchange gifts, and be silly. Can't wait! Then tomorrow my family is coming to celebrate. It's going to be a wonderful, Christmasey weekend!

Well, I am off to give Maxo some snuggles, bake an apple crisp, and make sure everything's in order for tonight's par-tay!

Hope you all are having a fantastic week, and are thoroughly enjoying this Christmas season. I want to enjoy every minute of's going by so fast!


  1. I grind my teeth at night too. If you don't have dental insurance or if they won't pay for a mouth guard, you can get them for 10-20 dollars and like a Target or a Walgreens. Hope the headaches go away soon!

  2. You look cute with bedhead. Wish I could say the same... LOL! ;-)

  3. Have a great night! are adorable! :D

  4. You totally need to send me that apple crisp recipe. YUMMY!!!

  5. mouth guard..mmm! sexy sexy!

    webcam pictures are ALWAYS fun. i'm a huge fan.