Tuesday, December 22, 2009

birthday celebration part 2 - with the husband.

Yesterday was my 24th birthday, and it was absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for all of you who sent me messages, texts, snail mail, phone calls, and gifts. I'm blessed to have such wonderful people in my life--love and appreciate you guys!

Jonathan got off of work at noon yesterday to spend the rest of the day with me (awwww...) It was perfect. He started out by handing me two brown paper packages tied up in string, and told me that these gifts would give me an idea of what we were doing for the day.

The first gift was a beautiful vintage green glass dish. Ah, I love it so much! He then said that he was going to take me thrifting! (one of my favorite things to do, seriously...love it.)

The next gift was this beautiful dress (pictured below)! Husband really does a good job picking out clothes that I love. He then said that we were also going clothes shopping (he knows me so well.)

To start things off, we went to my favorite local Nashville food spot: Baja Burrito.
It was so nice out, we even got to eat outside!

It's amazing how excited I get about a steak burrito!

Next stop: Southern Thrift.
Only the best thrift store ever.

I was SO excited to find this vintage Canon camera.
I collect cameras (shocking, I know), so it was fun to find one to add to the collection.

We then went to a bunch of clothing stores,
and I found some wonderful things to add to my wardrobe (thank you, husby!)
Jonathan patiently waited for me as I tried things on...
He was oh-so-patient and didn't complain once. :)

To re-energize we stepped into Books a Million to drink some coffee
and look through some history books on the city of Nashville
(we're geeks, we know...we actually love to learn!)

After shopping 'til we were ready to drop,
Jonathan took me to Carraba's for a tasty italian birthday dinner.

I even got some birthday icecream!
(my preference, since I'm not a huge fan of cake)

We ended the night by snuggling on our couch with our sweet puppy Max (he was slightly bitter that he didn't get to come along for our day'o'fun.)

It was a very happy birthday indeed! :)


  1. oh my GOSH i almost bought that dress.

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  3. My goodness! You two looked like you had the time of your lives! Happy Belated dear! Sorry it didn't come sooner!! :D

  4. Sounds like the perfect day! I love your dress; you husband has amaaazing taste :)