Monday, March 2, 2009

max's silly morning routine.

Max has this silly morning routine...after he has been taken outside to go potty, he comes inside and runs all throughout the house making sure he says hello to everyone. He then grabs his rawhide bone and does this:

I have to say, getting to see this every morning of every day makes me pretty happy. So happy, that I took two videos of him doing this. So, here's another one for you:

I promise, he can actually be quite the calm little dog. He is laying in my lap fast asleep right now. It's just that the moments when he's going all crazy happen to be his funniest moments and the ones worth recording.

P.S. I do realize that sometimes we talk about our dog like he's our child {and when I say we, I mainly mean me, Tiffany.} He just does such funny things, I feel as though I would be robbing you of joy if I did not share. :)


  1. Lacy and I have two dogs and they are definitely our children. It's not weird.

  2. Max is an important member of our extended family.

  3. @Nate: I'm so glad to hear that we're not the only ones. :)

    @Dad: Aw, thanks Dad. He definitely loves you!