Tuesday, March 3, 2009

max and the balloon: round two.

We just recently discovered that Max really loves playing with balloons. Really really. The other day he had another round of serious balloon playing. {Oh, and please excuse how the video is sideways at first...I'm a dork and forget that taking video is not just like taking photographs.}

Enjoy the craziness that is Max:


  1. Max should totally be a circus dog! Has he had one pop on him yet?

  2. Yeah, he's popped a few. He actually popped that one a little while after the video. It's funny though, he'll just stand there staring at it completely confused about what just happened to that cool toy he was playing with.

  3. i love how it threw it straight at tiffany!

  4. It's so funny!
    I just got a new puppy, and I think you should meet her!

  5. @Julie: Yes, we have considered the fact that if we ever need a little extra cash we can send Max out to work at the circus. :)

    @Dad: We do enjoy life. :) Very much so!

    @Danie: haha, that was my favorite part too.

    @Becca: Awww...new puppies are so much fun! I bet you are loving it! I want to see pictures. :)