Tuesday, January 13, 2009

on becoming bookworms.

One of our new favorite things to do lately is to read in bed before we fall asleep and chat about our books or magazines. This, we must say, is quite wonderful.

outtake from day twelve.

{like our "candid" reading shot?}

::Tiffany:: I'm reading The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. I just started this book and am only at the end of the fourth chapter...but this book is SO good so far. Really really good. I have been hearing great things about The Shack for months now, and my boss recently let me borrow it. I can't wait to see where the rest of the book goes. I'll keep you posted.

::Jonathan:: And I am reading Praise Habit by David Crowder (better known for his band, err... *ahem* David Crowder Band, obviously). I'm just barely into this book but so far it's proven quite the interesting ride. Crowder has plenty of good insights to offer in the midst of his carefully calculated bursts of bunny trails and tangents. I say carefully calculated because he gets you starting to think "how does this relate to anything?!?!" and then all of a sudden he'll pull it together into what he's trying to communicate. Interesting stuff to say the least.

12/365:: bookworms


So tell us, what books are you reading now?


  1. the pictures are too cute! i need to get back into reading. i read constantly in high school but haven't since.

  2. Thanks, Danie! I go through phases when I'll read non-stop, but then go a month or so without reading. But I've realized that it really brings a sense of peace and relaxation when I pick up a good book. :)

  3. I must read that book! Let me know what you think once you finish it, and tell me how you liked it. Oh and I love love love your headboard! So adorable!

    Have you read, " these is my words" by nancy e. turner? It's amazing! My top three fav books.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!!