Tuesday, January 20, 2009

meet max.

Meet Thelonious Maximus Zajas {a.k.a. Max, Maxo, Maxi, Maxikinz, Maxarooni, pupski, buddy, and little punk.} He is our {almost} 10 month old mini dachshund. We love him lots. Who couldn't love a face like that?

Just recently he had to make an unfortunate {for him} overnight trip to the vet to get neutered. You will be happy to hear that he is recovering well. The first couple days he was home, I have to admit that I babied him slightly more than normal. I just felt so bad for him.

Max is our little buddy. When we work from home, he is always wanting to be in our laps {speaking of which, he's in my lap as I am typing this.} When we are eating at the dinner table, he sits right next to us waiting patiently to get his food after we finish. When we watch a movie, he is always right between us. His favorite toy is a Chick-Fil-A stuffed cow. He loves broccoli {especially when it's frozen.} He is very smart and always curious. Very perceptive of emotions...he gets upset when he knows something is wrong. He gives classic puppy dog eyes that are near impossible to resist. He loves to make new friends, especially when we go on walks...and I'm pretty sure his feelings get hurt if someone walks by without saying hi to him.

We love our little Maximus.