Friday, January 23, 2009

the love of letters.

Recently I have had the increasing desire to buy some pretty stationery, stock up on stamps, and write letters.

To me, writing a friendly letter "just because" is one of the most thoughtful gestures from one person to another. It means that someone took the time to sit down, pick up a pen, and hand write a message to you...because they were thinking of you.

Sure, I love emails and Facebook messages and comments...but there's just something magical about the handwritten letter.

Anytime I receive something in the mail that is not a bill or junk mail, my heart swells with happiness. I can't help but smile! {And receiving an envelope that contains both a letter and, now that is a real treat!} I am also a letter saver. I put the special ones in a little blue box to look through every few years and smile at the memories.

I want to write more letters. {And if I happen to receive one in return, I would not protest.} I think that would be greatly enjoyable.

What about you, my friends? Do you enjoy receiving letters or would you just as well stick with email and other forms of electronic communication? Who do you love to write letters to?

And are any of you quite as obsessed with stationery as I am? Because really, if I had endless funds for my letter writing urges, I would buy these, this, and those, and oh-so-many-more.

P.S. Just found all of these wonderful sets of stationery. Oh-so-pretty.


  1. i love receiving mail. but i'm married to a soldier so sometimes letters are the only form of communication that we have, thats not so lovely. letters are great but the speed offered by technology has its advantages.

  2. i love that you wrote about this because letter writing has become something that i've recently reclaimed too. I think it is so therapeutic to sit down and share your heart with someone dear to you. Or even someone you don't know well. One of my dearest friends I've known through letters all my life. I think that's really beautiful! So if you're ever looking for a faithful pen pal- I'm your girl! I would love it! :)

  3. I have been a letter writer since I was a kid, and have always been really into it, but the practice of snail mail does appear to be having a bit of a wonderful resurgence lately.

    So, to answer your questions - yes, I am as obsessed! I write hundreds of letters every year, and I'm as obsessed with the stationery (and fountain pens, and stickers, etc) as I am with the letters. And I write to everybody. Family, friends, strangers, bloggers... ;-)

    I have a whole blog just about writing letters, The Missive Maven. Stop by and visit sometime.

    (Oh, and I'm really tempted by some of those pretty papers you linked up there!)