Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Zajas: 18 Weeks

Hello friends!

Well, here we are at 18 weeks and I can hardly believe it! Each week seems to go by faster and faster. I had a dream the other night that I was holding our little one in my arms, and it won't be long until that is a reality. Only (approximately) 22 weeks to go! :)

This week is an exciting milestone for us. On Wednesday we go in for our big ultrasound to discover if Baby Zajas is a boy or a girl! I can hardly wait! We are going to be so thrilled no matter which way it goes, but it'll be so nice to finally know and be able to call our baby by his/her name.

Do you have a guess as to what we're having? Submit your guesses below. (As a prize, the winners will receive affirmation in their guessing abilities!)

Do you think Baby Zajas is a boy or girl?

I feel like I've really popped these past two weeks. I may say this every week though, so I'm not sure how accurate it is...haha! But I really do feel like my tummy looks more like a baby bump now rather than just a thick stomach. And...I'm kinda loving it!

Baby has been moving a lot lately, and at times the movements have been feeling stronger. At first, it just felt like little flutters, but now there's a feeling of a slight tapping. I absolutely love it! 

Hope you all are having a blessed week!


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