Monday, August 23, 2010

family visits + the county fair.

Two weekends ago my wonderful family came in town to visit us here in Nashville. It's always so great to see them! It's like a big slumber party...air mattresses and sleeping bags everywhere. We stay up playing games, eating snacks, watching silly videos on YouTube, and just spending quality time together. I love family!

During this visit we spent a day at the Wilson County Fair. Even though it was HOT outside, we had a blast! We've been to a few fairs in the area including the Tennessee State Fair and the Williamson County Fair...and this one was our favorite so far. 

I didn't want to lug around my big dSLR camera all day, so the following pictures are courtesy of my Canon Powershot (which is a great point-and-shoot if you're looking for one! I love it!)

We had fun in the petting zoo. Look at us holding those chickens. We look like farmers, right?

This cow was so precious and kept rubbing her nose up on our hands. I wanted to take her home with me.

Just a few moments before we arrived, this baby chick hatched from its egg! We saw him standing up for the first time and all. It was adorable. I wanted to take it home.

The pigs were adorable, but kinda stinky. So I didn't really want to bring them home with me. But the fluffy bunny on the right was a completely different story. Jonathan had to pry me away from the bunny cages. It was dangerous.

Hahaha...the chicken on the bottom right was cracking me up. He looked like he was wearing pajamas. 

Family portrait in front of the giant rooster!

There was a live bluegrass band there, which helped set a fun atmosphere for the fair. I loved it! 

Why is it that almost every food they serve at the fair is on a stick? It boggles my mind.

The ferris wheel is my absolute favorite fair ride! They're nostalgic and romantic. 

American Gothic. Somehow I think the proportions of the heads and bodies are somewhat off...hahaha. 

This was Moriah's first funnel cake experience. It was definitely a moment worth capturing. 

This horse was making ice cream!  

We had such an amazing day!

All in all, it was kind of a bittersweet visit. This past week my family moved from Tennessee back up to Maine to go back to pastor the church I grew up in. I am so excited for them and this new chapter in their life...but it is definitely sad to see them go.

But this just means we'll be vacationing up in Maine more often, and that is definitely a huge plus! :)


  1. These are sooo cute! Makes me wanna go to the fair! :) I especially love the one of the ferris wheel :)

  2. the ferris wheel shot & the one above it (i forget what that ride is called?) are beautiful! so sunny + happy! :)

  3. Ben's face!!! Haha. I love you sister!

  4. @Leslie: Thanks so much! Looking at the pictures again makes me want to go back!

    @Janis: Thank you! I always call that ride "the swings" As to whether or not that's the technical term for it, I have no idea. haha. :)

    @Alycia: hahaha...I know, I had no idea he was in the background until I started editing the pictures. Made me laugh pretty hard.