Thursday, August 19, 2010

extreme makeover: blog edition

In case you haven't noticed already, the blog has received a lil' makeover...and I'm pretty excited about it! We've changed the title from "jonathan & tiffany" to "tiffany zajas photography", because, well, let's face it...Jonathan never posted on here. (He has started his own tumblr blog that he occasionally posts to if you want to check it out!)

The blog is now fresher, cleaner, brighter...and a much better environment for a plethora of photographs. Yippee! All of the content will stay the same. I'll be posting a mixture of personal and photography posts...and any other fun things I feel like sharing with you all. Just like the header says, it's all, love, photography, and lots of smiling along the way. :)

And now...because everyone loves a good before + after...





I hope you love the new look of the blog as much as I do. I have to admit, it's making me pretty giddy right now.

Thank you, husband, for giving my blog a makeover! :) You rock!

Lots of smiles,


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