Monday, May 3, 2010

Nashville flood of 2010.

This weekend has been a crazy one for our city of Nashville and the surrounding Middle Tennessee area. We were hit with a record amount of rain. A summer's worth of rain came down in just two days causing the greatest flood that Nashville has ever seen.

Many people's lives have been affected by swept away...lives lost.

photo cred: Victor James

Here are a few short videos that give you an idea of the extent of the flooding that has taken place here:

Thanks to everyone for all the calls, texts, messages, etc. to see how Jonathan and I were doing...we are safe and sound here. The worst we had was about an inch of water in our downstairs office and garage last night, but thankfully that has dried up for the most part now and no personal belongings were damaged.

We live only half a mile away from the Cumberland River, which was the river that crested and is flooding many parts of the city...but thankfully our neighborhood is on high enough ground that we haven't seen any damage from it.

Please keep our city in your thoughts and prayers. The affects of this flood are widespread and many.

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  1. wow, so much water! glad to hear you are safe and sound though! I will definitely keep Nashville in my thoughts...