Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the importance of rest.

It hit me last night when Jonathan and I were talking over dinner: I have a really hard time getting out of work mode.

I realized this when every other sentence that came out of my mouth was work related. "I feel like last night's session went really well!" "I uploaded so-and-so's images online today." "I have this new idea for our client info sheets." "I need to buy more DVD cases." blah, blah, blah...

When husband pointed out that all I was talking about was work...I sat there for a minute in silence...because I couldn't think of anything else to talk about.


When you're running your own business, it's often hard to turn work off...especially when your office is in your home and you actually enjoy what you do. When I have weddings and sessions scheduled on the weekend, it's easy to forget to take time off to just live life.

To top off my already guilty conscience about all of this, during my devotion time this morning I was reminded of Exodus 20:8 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy." Then I was prompted to look up the definition of the word "Sabbath" and found..."a period of rest."

Double yikes!

To think that me working extra hours, and thinking about work all the time (because let's face it, when you're thinking about work, that is a form of work) and not taking time to rest...I'm actually being disobedient to God...that got me right there.

I guess I'm sharing all of this as a declaration of my desire to change. If I write this for anyone to read, maybe it'll help keep me a little more accountable.

In an initial effort to change, I decided to take a personal day today. My emails can wait, the editing can wait, all of my work will still be there tomorrow...because I'm going to take the time to rest today.

I know that I am not alone in this struggle. Many of you probably have difficulty with this same exact thing.

Tell me...what things do you do to make sure to set boundaries in your life when it comes to work and your personal life?

With love,


  1. Since my office is also in my home, I make it a point to either leave in order to take a break or have some friends over. If I'm not near my computer or I have someone else with me then I can't work on the pile of tasks that are constantly calling my name. Evenings with friends or weekends at the lake are the best ways that I have found to not allow me to work

  2. GAH I have such an issue with this too because I am in grad school and I ALWAYS have work I could be doing, plus research assistantship responsibilities. Honestly I just keep working myself to the bone and can't mentally or physically relax in my own apartment. Thank goodness it is summer so I can get a tiny bit of a break!

  3. Daughter, you know my story. :-) Do you think it's a genetic thing?

    This is an especially tough area for me right now due to inflexible editorial and production deadlines facing me straight ahead like a brick wall on an interstate highway.

    I keep telling myself, "Once these thirty-five projects (not kidding) have been completed and submitted, THEN I'll take a break."

    Well, the problem with that kind of thinking is that when these thirty-five items have been checked off of my to-do list, thirty-five other things will most likely take their place!

    Another way of interpreting the word "Sabbath" is to think of it as meaning "Stop!" So, that is exactly what I did when I got home this evening. Although lately I have had to work through the evenings, tonight I decided to "Stop."

    I stopped to take a 15-minute cat nap. I stopped to play with the dog when I woke up. I stopped to check my daughter's blog. :-)

    Sure, I will have to wrap up a few critical items this evening, but most of what I think is so urgent will just have to wait. Without stopping once in awhile just like this, reaching that brick wall at full force could end up being a disaster!

    Sabbath. Now, there's a good word.

  4. 1 - a "quiet time" is a daily must - however you interpret that to be -- but be sure to see it as "an appointment with the KING" that you can not miss!! Who would tell THE KING, "sorry, got more urgent things to do right now" - i mean really!! and not just a 'check it off the list' visit - but a real - "good morning, thank you and I love you, Sir" - actually put it on your calendar as an appointment - then keep the appointment-nuff said
    2 - an accountability partner who will really ask, "So, what have you done besides work this week?" and hubby's (who are also a bit of workaholics) are probably not your best choice here
    3 - continually getting sick - becoming so forgetful - losing your joy at work ---- all signs of overdoing it, should be noted and responded to asap
    4 - finally, knowing you are loved perfectly by a "there's Grace for that" God so that when you slide back into old ways you know you can turn again & keep going by His Greater Grace (James 4:6)

  5. So I am catching up on blogs today and this one hit my like a ton of bricks. Why am I catching up on like 3 months worth or your blog?? Because I've been working nonstop since June! I really needed to read this today. Thanks :)

  6. Holy Typos Batman!! Obviously I need some rest, LOL!!