Thursday, October 8, 2009

thorne and laura are engaged!

Two of our best friends got engaged last night! Thorne and Laura are two of our best buds from college, they were both in our wedding, and we got to watch them go from friends to in love and now they're getting married!

I was so happy to get to be there for the proposal to snap some pictures and celebrate with them on this momentous occasion (husband was working, so he sadly wasn't able to come). The sun faded fast, so the images aren't the best ever in photo quality due to lack of lighting...but they capture the moment which is what really matters. :)

Thorne set up candles along the rocks of the Ocoee river. This is where Thorne first told Laura that he liked her, so this place has special meaning to them.

Our friend Russell came to play the guitar and provided a nice ambiance to the evening.

Thorne did such a great job picking out the ring! This ring is definitely perfect for Laura. He also had it placed in a frog prince ring box, which was such a nice touch (Laura has had a love for frog princes since before they started dating).

Here she is!


Just in case you are wondering, she said yes! :) Afterwards all of us who were there helping went out with the newly engaged couple to celebrate over burgers at Five Guys.

Love them.

Yay! Friends forever. :)

We are SO very excited for them and the future that God has in store for their lives. Also, I'm pretty excited that I get to help my dear friend with wedding planning and festivities!

YAY for love!

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