Thursday, October 1, 2009

hello from pigeon forge!

Hello friends! I know I have neglected the blog this week, but this is the first time I have seriously sat down at my computer all week (crazy, I know). Jonathan and I have been in Pigeon Forge, TN all this week (and we're still here as I type) for the Tennessee District Assemblies of God Minister's Retreat. It's been a great week of meeting new people and getting to spend time with old friends, great speaking, and beautiful fall weather.

Jonathan has been working the event all week, and I've been helping him in every way I can. I've also been photographing the services and taking headshots for the leaders. I'm SO glad and thankful that I was able to come with husband for this.

Our little Maxo has been staying with the grandparents (a.k.a. my parents--my dad calls Max his granddog, haha). I have missed him bunches. There are a bunch of parents who have missed their kids this week, and here I am missing my dog. He's like my child.

I hope you all are having an amazing week! :)

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  1. I always miss Hazel like she is my child, too. when I was away in Canada for four days, Hazel stayed with my boyfriend's sister. I missed her so much! I was so sad when she left and SO happy when we picked her up! :)