Thursday, September 24, 2009

our day at the tennessee state fair.

When my mom and sister Moriah came to visit this weekend, we decided it would be the perfect day to go to the Tennessee State Fair here in Nashville. At first we thought that the weather wasn't going to cooperate with us, since told us it was supposed to rain all day...but we were blessed with a perfect sunshiney day!

Growing up, going to the fair was a highlight of my year. As a kid I would submit things in exhibits at the fair to be judged: quilts, baskets, cookies, artwork, etc. And there was nothing better than walking into the exhibit arena and seeing one of my creations with a ribbon pinned on it.

The fair brings back so many great memories. I love everything about it...the smells, the cheesy rides, the smell of hay, the animals, the food, the not-so-great performers singing loudly over the sound system. Love love love it.

So, here are some images from our day at the fair:

The ferris wheel is definitely my favorite.

Eating some yummy fair pizza.

There was a girl hanging from a helicopter.
It took me a while to decide if it was cool, or just plain stupid.
I decided on the later.

Um, as much as I love fair food...
you couldn't pay me enough money to eat one of these things!

Jonathan found our new lawn mower. :)

Moriah wanted me to go on the swings with her.
I think I had the most fun out of all those kids.

Love them.

I am so glad that we got to go, because it looks like this might have been the last year of the Tennessee State Fair. :( True, it wasn't the best fair I've ever been to (and it was slightly overpriced)...but it was still a great, memorable day together.


  1. wow the fair isn't coming back?!? that makes me sad!

  2. looks like a blast! i love the fair too!

  3. The fair looks like it was lots of fun and Tiffany, you look so cute with your big sunglasses and big smile with your hubby! :)

  4. It's good to see you guys having a good time. Hopefully I can see you guys again some time whenever I find my way back to Tennessee. (I'm in Springfield MO now doing seminary work. Woo Hoo! :-) )