Friday, July 31, 2009

our two year wedding anniversary celebration {in polaroids.}

Tuesday was Jonathan and my two year wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we both took the day off from work to spend tons of time together.

To start things off, we went to Cafe Roma for lunch...
it's absolutely amazing!

Their tomato basil soup is

We both got yummy sandwiches

and sweet potato fries with very yummy dipping sauce!

As a gift, husband made me a little coupo for a free website designed by him!

Yes, that's right...a little "coupo" not "coupon."
Jonathan used my stamps to make the coupo and ran out of room.
It made me laugh really hard. :)

After lunch we went shopping for things for our trip to the BEACH!
I love shopping with this guy.
We bought some of the coolest beach chairs ever.

Of course we had to take a break from shopping to get some yummy coffee.

Coffee, coffee, coffee, we love coffee.

For dinner Jonathan surprised me by taking me to Hennen's.
It's an amazing steak and seafood restaurant in downtown Chattanooga.

Look at that face...I've had the privilege of being married to that face for
the past two years. SCORE!

At the end of the evening, Jonathan and I went back home and sat down on the couch with our sparkling raspberry apple cider...and watched our wedding video! That's right, our wedding video. Jonathan stayed up super late a few nights this week to surprise me with putting together our wedding video footage. It made me cry and be so thankful for my thoughtful, sweet man whom I love very much.

It was a very fun and memorable anniversary. Thanks for the day of surprises, husband! And thanks to all of our friends and family who wished us a happy anniversary. You all are the best.

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  1. this is the sweetest post ever! you guys look so happy and in love in every picture, especially that first one! sounds like you had a wonderful day together. and your hubby is definitely too cute for words with the "coupo" and pulling together the video footage. kudos to him! gives me hope that there are romantic guys out there :)

    congrats on 2 years!