Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy birthday, leash {a.k.a. baby cow!}

Happy 15th birthday to my beautiful little sister, Alycia {a.k.a. Leash & baby cow.}

Wow, I can't believe my second to youngest little sister is seems like just yesterday that I was babysitting her and we were playing cows {hence the nickname "baby cow" and I'm "mommy cow."} haha.

She has grown up to be such a beautiful, talented, kind-hearted young woman. I am very proud of her!

Last week we went out and had a little photoshoot together. I took over 1,000 images of her, and have only narrowed them down to 300 so far {it's just so hard to narrow them down...she is so photogenic!} I have a ways to go before I'm completely finished. But for her birthday I wanted to have a few to show to her.

So, here's a sneak peek from the session of my beautiful 15-year-old sister. :)

{all photographs by me, Tiffany Zajas}

I'm convinced that I have the prettiest sisters ever. :) {my brother is pretty handsome too.}

Happy Birthday, Leash! Love you!


  1. love that first photo! it must be fun having three sisters! I don't have any sisters, so I imagine all the fun it must be with shopping sprees, girls nights, boy talk, etc etc ... you probably have other stories, haha. :)