Thursday, June 11, 2009

swoops the bird.

WARNING: to my dear friend Lauren--please do not read this post, for I fear that it might give you nightmares due to your fear of birds. For your own safety and good, please do not continue reading this. And whatever you do, do not watch the video in this post. Okay, You have been warned.

To the rest of you, I cannot help but share this hilarious information with you.

Nicole Hill {a very talented photographer and blogger} recently posted about how her husband was attacked by a bird on Front Street in San Francisco, California. This bird, who has been named "Swoops", apparently has a habit of attacking pedestrians who pass by. He is so famous, that he has a whole blog dedicated to him and his attacks.

Here is a video of a recent double attack by Swoops:

So, beware. If you ever visit San Francisco, you should probably avoid Front Street.


  1. I love how the second guy thinks it's hilarious until it happens to him.

  2. haha, that was definitely my favorite part too!

  3. haha i go to Uni in San Francisco...hmm now i want to take my friend there haha and see what happens XD
    thx for sharing! xD


  5. Evelyn: Please do check it out and let us know what you see! I am very curious.

    Lauren: did not watch the video, did you? I warned you, my friend!