Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Liam Isaac: 28 Weeks!

Why hello there, 3rd trimester! You sure did come quickly now, didn't you?

We are now officially in our third trimester, and I cannot believe it. Only 12 more weeks to go! :)

Here's an updated baby bump picture to start things off...

I still think I look the largest in week 22's picture. That striped cardigan was quite the optical illusion! I promise I didn't shrink since then. He's been growing steadily and healthily each week. :)

A couple weeks ago we went for our 7 month doctor's appointment. We got to see our little man again, and that always makes me so happy! It's been so cool getting to see how he's grown from month to month and is starting to look even more like a real baby. He's been pretty photogenic in all of his ultrasounds, so it gives me high hopes for the future (this child will be photographed a lot!). 

When these pictures were taken (which was almost 2 weeks ago), they said he weighed 2lbs 9oz and that everything looks "perfect".

At our 7 month appointment, I also had to do the 1-hour glucose test. I drank the super sugary and not-so-great-tasting glucola drink, and then they took my blood (eep!).

A couple days later, I got a call from the doctor's office saying that I failed my glucose test and that I also have anemia. For those of you who don't know, the glucose test is done to determine if you have gestational diabetes...and anemia is when you have a low red blood cell count which is often due to an iron deficiency (which basically makes you super weary and tired). The nurse told me the next step to determining if I had diabetes was to do the 3 hour glucose test as soon as possible.

Hearing this news shook me up a bit. Jonathan was out of town, and I really hadn't heard much of either of these conditions...so I didn't have a gauge to know how bad it really was (and let me tell you...looking things up on Web MD is never a good idea, haha). After talking to and praying with my mom and my pastor's wife, I felt much better. My mom said she had anemia with all of her pregnancies, and it was manageable and not serious. My pastor's wife said she failed her 1-hour glucose test during all of her pregnancies, but her 3-hour glucose tests always came back normal. Talking to them both really reassured me, and I knew that God had it under control (he always does).

I went in for my 3-hour glucose test...which was quite eventful, I must say...ha! I have a history of passing out in doctor's offices, and the fact that I wasn't able to eat or drink anything for 12 hours and then they took my blood 4 times in the course of 3 hours...well, let's just say I was a little woozy! :) The staff at my doctor's office is AMAZING though, and they took good care of me (and Jonathan was there to hold my hand and get my mind off of the whole blood thing).

I got the call from my nurse yesterday with the test results...and she said my glucose test came back as NORMAL! Praise God! :) 

Life lately has been very good. I feel so blessed by all that God has done to take care of us. 

Here's a little glimpse at some highlights...

1. The glucose drink I had to drink...twice. Don't know if you would call this a highlight, but I won't forget it, that's for sure! :) Tasted like SUPER sugary, flat sprite. Blech.

2. We've been going on lots of walks lately (often a highlight of my day), which makes my heart so happy. During one of our walks, we came across this little baby turtle. He was about the size of a quarter! Ah, this turtle completely made my day.

3. My good friend Cat gave me this book, Baby 411, this weekend, and I am so thankful! I've been reading it the past few days, and it's helping me feel more prepared and not so overwhelmed with everything. If you're looking for an easy-to-read yet informational baby book, I highly recommend it (from what I've read so far).

One of the questions I get asked the most from people is...what are you craving right now? Well, friends, I will tell you...

To put it simply, I've been craving breakfast foods like crazy! Specifically: eggs, orange juice, and decaf iced coffee (Dunkin' Donuts is my FAVORITE!).

I make eggs almost every day for either breakfast or lunch (speaking of which, I think we're out right now...*tear*), we've been buying orange juice in bulk from Costco, and husband has treated me to some yummy iced coffee a few times (I really need to learn to make it at home!).

It's really funny that breakfast foods have been a major craving for me. I never used to eat breakfast, until I got pregnant (I know, shame, shame...). And I never really liked eggs before...I would eat them, but they would never be my first choice for something to eat. Now, I just can't get enough!

Well, that's a little update on how things have been going over here. I hope you all are doing wonderful! 

Love and blessings,


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  1. Tiffany, your blog is so cute. Being a mommy is so awesome; I am falling more in love with my little girl everyday! 1. I saw a commercial for International Delight brand iced coffee that comes in a carton, hopefully you might be able to find that at the grocery store. (not sure about caffeine though). 2. I also recommend skimming through babywise now and then after baby comes. IT is a great tool to help with your questions about how much baby should sleep, eat, etc. and getting him on a schedule early on. It was super helpful for us and Aubrey is now a great sleeper AND napper! Let me know if you ever have any questions :)