Thursday, December 1, 2011

We're having a...

We're having a baby!

We're so excited to finally be able to share the news here. Jonathan and I couldn't be more excited, and we're so looking forward to going on this new adventure together. We can't wait to meet our little blessing of a baby on (or around) July 8th, 2012!

We've had so much fun telling our family and friends via Skype, phone, and some in person the past couple of weeks...and we wanted to announce it to the rest of the world in a creative way of sorts. Last night we announced it to our students at Real Life (our youth group) and were blown away by how excited they were for us (some were even crying with excitement!) It melted my heart. When we got home last night we quickly posted these photos on Facebook to let the rest of our friends know about our news.

Thanks so much to everyone who has already congratulated us! We are beyond excited, and it makes us so happy to have such wonderful people to share in our excitement.

I hope to be a better blogger and post updates on here more often in the months to come, documenting the journey along the way. :)

The pregnancy is going really well so far! I've had lots of days of being really sick, but it's oh-so-worth every moment of it. At our last doctor's appointment we got to see our little baby and it's heartbeat, and that moment was such a surreal one for both of us. I'm not sure when this will all sink still feels like such a dream.

Here's our baby's very first picture that was snapped last week at our appointment. I couldn't believe how you can already make out it's little head and face and little arm and leg nubs. Love this little one so much already!

With lots of love and excitement,

Tiffany + Jonathan :) (+ Baby Zajas!)


  1. Congrats!!! So exciting!! You two are gonna make amazing parents!!

  2. Oh goodness I'm just so excited. It's time Kate and Natalie got a cousin on their mommy's side of the family. Again, congrats!

    p.s. I love that my facebook comment ended up in the post. I really do believe you will be awesome parents and a really cute pregnant woman!

  3. YAY, just heard your news!!Congrats Jonathan and Tiffany! Being parents is the best... and you two will be wonderful! I don't know if you knew but your lil one will have another cousin really close in age, since we are preg with #3! We are only about 2 weeks further along, due on June 23rd! See our Ultrasound pic here: How fun, more babies in the family! Congrats you guys!
    Shawn and Kellie Zajas